Body Modification Practices For Beauty Around The World


The most extreme female body practices all around the world. If you go to different continents, the idea of beauty in a woman can change from country to country. In recent years, plastic surgery has become one of the most common and widely accepted forms of body modifications for men and women. The ideal body has become so engrained in women especially, that has brainwashed the minds of young girls. Today, women are constantly being pressured to look like the women on the magazine covers, even though the women on those magazines don’t even look like that.

It may seem like a new-age issue but it has been happening for thousands of years and reinforced with cultural and spiritual beliefs. Here are some of the most extreme body modifications that go beyond a tummy tuck or botox.

1. Mursi Lip Plating


Lip stretching and plating.

The Mursi tribe in Ethiopia have women’s lips pierced at a young age in preparation for marriage. For the next six to 12 months the women go through a series of lip stretching. Adding bigger and heavier plates over a period of time. Once they are married, they are expected to serve food to their husbands on the plates during ritual events.

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